PANDA is converting its £10,000 reserves into a legacy fund and is now open for applications from individuals for small grants of between £100 to £1000.

Who is eligible to apply:

Individuals holding PANDA membership between Jan & March 2018 and whose average earnings over the past 2 years comes to no more than £20,000pa

What is the funding for:

Anything which contributes to the applicant’s personal career/professional development. This includes: training, mentoring, coaching, research, study, equipment, conferences, shadowing, studio time, resources, transport & travel, loss of earnings whilst undertaking activity, childcare.

Benefit must be shared, directly or indirectly, with at least one other PANDA member.

Our priorities when assessing applications:

  • Application is for specific elements or activities which would otherwise be unaffordable or unlikely to happen.
  • PANDA funding to be for a specific standalone element which will go ahead regardless of whether or not additional resources are acquired.
  • Intended spend within the next 18 months.
  • Benefit to applicant.

Note: Where we receive more eligible applications than funds, we will take into consideration additional criteria such as: length of PANDA membership, need, employment status (preference given to self-employed/freelance/small company owners), geography and additional barriers experienced.

Please be aware that whilst you can apply for up to £1000 we only have a total of £10,000 and so please only apply for what you actually need.

To Apply:

Complete the PANDA Legacy Fund Application and email to with the subject heading ‘Legacy Fund’. Alternatively, answer the questions on the form within the body of your email.

Deadline for applications: 12 noon Monday 21st May 2018

You can expect to hear back from us by Friday 1st June 2018.

If successful, your award will be in your account by Friday 8th June 2018.