PANDA is inviting applications from freelance individuals based in the North of England for £500 seed funding towards peer group meetups. To apply, complete the form provided and email to

Deadlines for applications: Wed 13/12/17; Mon 8/1/18; Mon 22/1/18 OR until all funds have been allocated. We have enough funds for 5 networks.

Why we are investing in this

PANDA believes in the importance of challenge, shared experience, reflection and peer support as a vital aid to career development and personal resilience. However, in the face of increasing financial, political and social pressures, it’s difficult to dedicate time, space and funds towards this. Especially for the self-employed who have no automatic holiday pay, training provision or easy access to the support of colleagues. Networks belong to, and are only as strong as, their members. We want to nurture strength, community, knowledge and resourcefulness. So we’d like to use some of our organisational development funding (thank you to Arts Council, England) to support 5 peer networks to be facilitated between December 2017 and April 2018.

Criteria for Applicants

  • PANDA member (or if a non-member, agree to pay admin fee if successful)
  • Freelance, Self-employed or unemployed
  • Resident in the North of England
  • Applications Must Show
  • Real challenges with desire to problem solve within a group
  • Commitment to share final reports for the benefit of the rest of PANDA’s network
  • Named network members committed to meeting min of 3 times before 6th April 2018

How to Apply

Fill out the application form and email to the address provided. Applications will be assessed at next deadline and applicants informed within 5 days. Whilst 3 deadlines have been given, once all 5 networks have been approved and the funds allocated the scheme will close. Therefore early application is recommended.