PANDA – Performing Arts Network and Development Agency, will cease trading on 25th June 2018.

Our full announcement is below should you wish to read it. Here is a summary:


The current challenging climate has increased demand for our support whilst diminishing our capacity, reaching the point whereby the Board consider PANDA can no longer effectively fulfil it’s mission and remain viable. The dictionary definition of support is ‘bear all or part of the weight of; hold up’. We cannot provide support without ourselves being supported.

A tiny organisation, PANDA has managed for many years to punch above it’s weight, working strategically and creatively to provide support to thousands of  individuals. The Board and staff are proud of our work and many achievements.

Alongside the winding up process, our main efforts will be in ensuring elements of support remain for current members after we close. We will be collating an online archive of resources and signposting to alternative sources of support. New jobs, events and opportunities will be posted onto the site once a week until mid-June. We will also be announcing details of PANDA’s Legacy Funds – our savings account (reserves) which the Board have decided to offer as small professional development grants. So please do keep an eye on our website and look out for our emails during our last few months.

All of us at PANDA have been honoured to work with you, our valued and resourceful members and wish you all the very best in your future journeys.

We hope you will continue to contribute to and benefit from the networks, professional development and peer solidarity that can only be achieved through courage, creativity and above all, collaboration.