Meet Rahmi, a young Pakistani girl who travelled half way around the world to be with her husband.
Now meet her daughter Azrah who is struggling to find where she belongs.
The Moonwatcher is their story, developed from the stories of South Asians who travelled to Britain. It explores how different values impact on the complex relationship of one mother and her daughter.
Beautifully told through masks, puppetry, spoken word and original music. A stunning multimedia show. The Moonwatcher asks where do any of us really belong?

Written and Directed by Bob Frith and Shamshad Khan
Music by Arun Ghosh
Animation by Kain Leo

Produced by Horse and Bamboo Theatre, Rossendale


9th                South Asian Arts, Seven Arts, Leeds.     0113 2445523

10th & 11th The Boo, Rossendale.     01706 220241

15th              Universal Hall, Moray.     01309 691170

17th              Heaton Community Centre, Newcastle.     01706 220241

18th              Unity Hall, Nelson.     01706 220241