We were dismayed to learn that our National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) application was unsuccessful for the 2018-2022 round. PANDA has always strived to strengthen the sector, particularly for grassroots artists in & around the North West, and it is unfortunate that Arts Council England (ACE) has decided not to support us in doing so.

Wyllie Longmore (Chair of PANDA’s Board of Management) said:

‘I find the Arts Council’s decision not to grant PANDA NPO status disappointing and disheartening. Once again it is the small companies and individual artists working at grassroots level – the majority of PANDA’s membership – who will be the losers.’

Anne-Marie Crowther (PANDA’s Director) said:

‘We first wish to congratulate those who have been successful with their Arts Council National Portfolio applications and look forward to some great work ahead. We are, however, extremely disappointed that Arts Council, England, has decided not to support PANDA’s bid to work more strategically as a support organisation. We feel very concerned for the health of the independent and small scale contribution to the overall ecology of the sector and will now spend some time considering if and how we might continue to support our 1,400 strong network through the continuing climate of austerity.’