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Foot In The Door 2014

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Foot In The Door 2014 is a professional development programme for young people delivered by 24:7 Theatre Arts Network, the Performing Arts Network and Development Agency & Proper Job Theatre Company.

Foot In The Door 2014 is a new collaboration between PANDA, 24:7 Theatre Arts Network and Proper Job Theatre Company. As part of our final young media consultant scheme we have teamed up with 24:7 and Proper Job to deliver our project which helps young people develop skills in arts marketing and social media and to get hands-on experience working freelance for an artist or arts organisation. We have combined this project with 24:7’s Foot In The Door scheme which they have also been running successfully for a number of years, where they offer fantastic placement opportunities to young people, who help with the festival writers and organisers and in return gain a lot of valuable experience, skills, and new contacts and connections. Since the benefits of both schemes are so valuable we have combined our programmes and created a fantastic placement programme for young people which our current participants are currently under-taking.

Creative Conversations

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Creative Conversations are intimate forums for debate, discussion and informal networking for more established performing arts practitioners.

Creative Conversations are delivered in partnership with organisations across the North West, with the location alternating monthly between Manchester and venues in Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside and Cumbria.

During 2008 PANDA piloted a programme of monthly brunch events for a selected audience of established performing arts practitioners from the region. The content and structure of the events was driven by the participants themselves in order to meet their needs. This successful pilot programme was been developed into the Creative Conversations series, which rolled out as a new PANDA service in 2009.

“Loved the informality and smallish groups, allowed for dialogue and lots of opportunities for questions.” Pilot programme participant

Creative Conversations events are exclusive limited-capacity forums for debate and discussion amongst peers and invited VIP guests. Each session includes a presentation from a high-level industry figure which ignites a creative conversation around a specific topic. Refreshments are provided and there is plenty of opportunity for informal networking.

In addition to the Creative Conversations events PANDA also run Spotlight On events which give an introduction to a current topic relevant to the performing arts. PANDA members can also access further training and professional development opportunities as part of our package of development services.

Creative Breaks

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Creative Breaks is the name for PANDA’s creative work programme. In 2016/17 Creative Breaks is focussed on Greater Manchester where we are delivering in partnership with Union Street Media Arts and are funded by the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities.

The programme seeks to develop key skills and qualities appropriate to working in the arts; marketing, event promotion, digital media, campaigning and project management but transferable to self-employment and many other career paths.

In 2016/17 our programme is strongly centred around the areas of arts, community and social change.

Our project is particularly suited to those interested in one/more of the following:

  • Team leading & project management
  • Marketing & campaigning
  • Research & journalism
  • Community engagement
  • Social Issues/Activism
  • Cultural & Creative industries
  • Self-employment

Participants receive intensive training during the project in community engagement, project management, short film production and editing, campaign strategy and branding as well as social media and website/blog creation. They are also be given the opportunity to achieve Arts Award as part of the project.

Arts Council Funding Statement

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We were dismayed to learn that our National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) application was unsuccessful for the 2018-2022 round. PANDA has always strived to strengthen the sector, particularly for grassroots artists in & around the North West, and it is unfortunate that Arts Council England (ACE) has decided not to support us in doing so.

Wyllie Longmore (Chair of PANDA’s Board of Management) said:

‘I find the Arts Council’s decision not to grant PANDA NPO status disappointing and disheartening. Once again it is the small companies and individual artists working at grassroots level – the majority of PANDA’s membership – who will be the losers.’

Anne-Marie Crowther (PANDA’s Director) said:

‘We first wish to congratulate those who have been successful with their Arts Council National Portfolio applications and look forward to some great work ahead. We are, however, extremely disappointed that Arts Council, England, has decided not to support PANDA’s bid to work more strategically as a support organisation. We feel very concerned for the health of the independent and small scale contribution to the overall ecology of the sector and will now spend some time considering if and how we might continue to support our 1,400 strong network through the continuing climate of austerity.’