Welcome to PANDA - the performing arts network

PANDA is a support network for those working, or aspiring to work, in the performing arts and related industries. Our mission to nurture enterprise, creativity and connectivity amongst individuals working in the performing arts and related sectors. Whilst we support all levels of experience and sizes of organisation, our primary commitment is to freelancers/the self-employed, leaders of initiatives, facilitators, small organisations, activists and change makers. We are led by the needs of our members and funded by subscriptions, donations and occasional project funding.

What’s happening at PANDA?

We are undergoing a period of review and organisational development to consider our options in terms of financial viability. During this time any events or services we continue to offer will be announced through this site (news/events sections) with current members/subscribers able to access jobs and opportunities and receive our newsletters. We will post updates so you can check on our progress.

Get in touch with PANDA

If you want to contribute to our current process of review and development, or get in touch for any other reason, please use this form.